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About the RPS Supplier Portal
Welcome to the RPS Supplier Portal, this site is specifically focused on storing the business information and capabilities of the providers of training services and the associated support functions. This portal enables you to submit information about your services quickly, easily and efficiently. You will have the convenience of accessing the tool online and the ability to update your information from any computer and at any time. This will ensure that your information with RPS is accurate and current. You and your information will allow RPS's internal Global Supply Chain professionals to share information, interact/collaborate, and ultimately form closer relationships with RPS's suppliers. If you are a provider of content, instruction, content development, delivery, translation or other training services , please log in and tell us about your company. We would like to get to know you and the services your company offers.

Any questions regarding filling out the portfolio form please send them to rpsportal@raytheon.com.

Who is Raytheon Professional Services

For more than 70 years, in more than 100 countries, Raytheon Professional Services LLC (RPS) has been helping world-class companies transform the way they provide learning. We provide the services that ensure organizations can provide training throughout their enterprise and drive their competitive advantage. Today, more than ever, an organization’s success is measured by the performance of it’s people. In a challenging economy, outsourcing training to Raytheon Professional Services can significantly lower costs while extending the skills and knowledge of your people across the enterprise. How do we help businesses meet their critical objectives? We design, implement and manage training solutions that align performance among employees, customers and partners, enabling companies to meet their business goals. Then we apply the best commercial solutions, processes, tools and experts to make our programs available anytime, anywhere.

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